Modern Magic - Collaboration with Modern Times


Council Brewing Company, in collaboration with Modern Times, is proud to present…
Modern Magic, a Golden Sour Ale, Aged in Oak Foeder with Tangerines, Peaches, Nectarines, and Vanilla Beans.

Our Magic Factory is home to three large oak foeders, two 30 BBL and one 15 BBL. The 15 BBL foeder is dedicated to collaborations with our fellow independent craft brewers. We were especially excited to collaborate with the creative souls of Modern Times and to build off our previous collaboration in the foeder, Imperial Beatitude with Peach and Nectarine for Beer to the Rescue. 

The concept of our collaboration included refermentation of Masumoto organic peaches and nectarines, and combining our mixed fermentation house cultures. We used a higher kilned (toasted) base malt, Vienna, to balance the bright stone fruit flavors.

After several months aging, we checked in to see how it was coming along. When we tasted it, we found the combined house cultures created an enjoyable level of acidity with a pleasant earthy complexity.
The malt backbone was strong enough to stand up to the fruitiness, but we wanted to brighten the aroma. Our solution was to add tangerine zest and juice donated by one of our patrons. To round it out, we added a touch of vanilla. We were still curious to discover how much of each other’s cultures would be distinguishable in the finished beer.

Finally, we had our finished beer, Modern Magic! When all the flavors come together, this beer has the culinary components of a refined dessert. We start at the foundation of the toasty Vienna malt that provides our savory note. The tangerine and acidity from our fermentation are balanced by the caramelized wood sugars of the foeder and the sweetness of the vanilla. The peach and nectarine flavors are elaborated on with the esters produced by the yeast in our collective house cultures. We hope you enjoy drinking this beer as much as we enjoyed the process of making it.

Release Details
Modern Magic will be released in the Council Brewing Tasting Room on Saturday, January 20th at 11am. We will have it available on draft, as well as bottles for the release party. If you are unable to celebrate with us on release day, bottles can be purchased in our online store (starting January 18th, 2018 at 12pm) with Tasting Room pick up within 6 weeks or shipping within California.