2nd Anniversary Flanders Style Red Ale


A Flanders Style Red Ale is very special to me on a number of levels. 

  • First sour beer epiphany
  • First homebrewed sour beer
  • First homebrew shared with Liz and Curtis
  • First barrels purchased at Council Brewing
  • First beer brewed for our Barrel Program

I can still vividly remember my first sip of Rodenbach (Flanders Red) enjoyed with frites after a long bike ride through Bruges, Belgium. It was so thirst quenching and unique, I became immediately obsessed with figuring out how it was made. At this time in 2009, there was not much published on the style for homebrewers. I special ordered some Wyeast Roeselare yeast and based a recipe on what I could find on the internet at the time. The most difficult part initially was having to wait at least 12 months to see if I made anything drinkable. It was actually pretty good and each year I would brew another batch with some slight tweaks to the recipe and continually using the original yeast. 

2nd Anniversary Flanders Style Red Ale:

When it was time to decide on the first beers to brew for our barrel program it was quite an easy choice. We were able to locally source 2 white wine and 2 red wine barrels from Orfila winery. Curtis and Liz at that point had tried plenty of my homebrew and were fans of my tart Saison (this became Nicene) and my Flanders Red. The tart Saison was a perfect fit for the white wine and the Flanders Red for red wine. Just before opening in May of 2014, we brewed the two batches for each set of barrels.

We had a really big expectation for this beer and a specific flavor profile that we wanted because of the aforementioned history. Due to this, we waited until the flavors came together to our liking. This happened to take around 2 years to develop, but it has all the wonderful characteristics a Flanders Red should. The aroma has a distinct tart cherry pie note with tobacco and fruit leather in the background. The taste follows the nose, but adds enough dark caramel malt flavor that you know this is grain based beverage (beer). We worked hard to blend this beer so that it has enough acidity to be refreshing along with enough sweetness to emphasis the fruit and caramel without being cloying (Definitely no aspartame to add that diet coke flavor). The red wine barrels add mostly tannin to provide a substantial mouthfeel.

Bottle Purchase Details:
We only bottled off the two original wine barrels (barrels 0001 and 0002) so this is a limited release with around 200 bottles, limit 1 per person. The bottles will be sold through Brown Paper Tickets at (councilfr.brownpapertickets.com).

Additionally, if you buy a VIP ticket to our Anniversary party before June 1st, you will receive the pre-sale option to purchase these bottles online, before they are released to the public. Pre-sale is from 6/1-6/5, public sale is 6/6-6/10. Pre-purchased bottles will be available for pick up on 6/11/2016.

We will be pouring our Anniversary Flanders Red, along with over 15 other barrel aged beers, at our 2nd Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, June 11th, 2016. Tickets are available now at (councilyear2.bpt.me). We hope you will join us for the party.  

Jeff "Wild Man" Crane