Deadlock with Black Currants - Spring 2016

Deadlock is a Dark Sour Ale with a rich malt character, medium acidity, and prominent fruit notes.  Deadlock is a complimentary contrast to Les Saisons.   Where Les Saisons is a dry-hopped Saison with Brett where the hops change with the season, Deadlock is a dark sour ale aged with a different fruit each season. 

The grain bill used for this beer is specifically designed to be soured.  We selected dark malts that provide the color and some background chocolate notes instead of roasted malts that can become aggressively astringent when the pH of the beer drops (i.e. the beer becomes sour).

Deadlock is barrel fermented with a combination of Brettanomyces (Wyeast Brett Lambicus) that provides a distinct cherry pie flavor and an impression of ripe fruit leather and our house souring culture to help create some acidity, as well as incorporate our house flavor. After the culture had a chance to ferment and sour, we added black currants to this batch and allowed the beer to continue maturing in the barrels.

Tasting notes from the bottle: The black currants, which already have a good amount of natural tartness, complimented the base beer nicely by providing a bold red wine characteristic that really added some nice complexity and additional tartness.  As this beer warms up a bit, additional malt and chocolate notes come out.  As this beer ages, the acidity will increase and the black currants will become less bright and more like dried fruit or black currant jam. 

Online Sale: Monday, April 25th, 2016 at 12noon via

Price: $18 per 750 ml bottle

Release Party in Tasting Room: Friday, April 29th, 2016 11am-10pm (7705 Convoy Ct. San Diego, CA)

-Jeff "Wild Man" Crane