Gaderian - Oak Aged Historic Old Ale

Some beers require a story so that they can be properly appreciated and Gaderian, our Old Ale aged in Oak Barrels with Brett, is one of those.

This beer really starts with our love of Brettanomyces and our early research into how this "wild" yeast was discovered and originally used. Brettanomyces translates from Greek into "British fungus". It was first discovered in 1904 by examining British cask (oak barrel) ales. These stock ales would transform over time in the barrel into a complex, vinous beer. They would either be sold straight as "Old Ales" or be blended at the pub with mild ale.

We hoped to re-create a little bit of our own history, while using modern day techniques to aim the beer in the direction we wanted. Here is a quick run down of the flavor profile we wanted to create and how we did:

Rich, thick mouthfeel - Used neutral oak barrels to contribute tannin that build mouthfeel and used a lot of malt to contribute proteins

Vinous character - The strain of Brettanomyces we used gives notes of dried fruit and leather (much different than strains used in lambic or farmhouse ales - no horse blanket in this beer) and a very slight amount of tartness

Dark fruit (dates, raisin, figs) notes - Imported large amounts of black treacle from England, which is their version of molasses that has more fruity and less burnt sugar notes.

Warming feeling - Again a lot of malt was used in this beer, in addition to the black treacle to raise the alcohol content to warm you from the inside out. The barrel aging process allowed the high alcohol notes to meld.

We hope you enjoyed the story and hopefully drinking this beer will give you a glimpse back in time.

There is currently a preview keg on tap in the tasting room to give you a taste before the bottle release coming up on March 10th!