Beer Details: Beatitude Prickly Pear

As a brewer, I love constantly experimenting and pushing the limits. Our Beatitude series of Tart Saisons have given us many opportunities to try new things, push the limits of our taste buds, and bring beer drinking to a whole new level. Sometimes we do a pilot batch with different fruit varieties and it doesn't turn out.  Sometimes we try a new fruit variety, as in the case with prickly pear, and we are blown away.  Prickly pear is the fruit from a cactus.  It is bright pink and delicious

In our Beatitude Prickly Pear Tart Saison, we used real prickly pear fruit (no extracts) and achieved a delicious, bright pink colored beer (just in time for Valentine's Day).  This beer has huge cactus fruit characteristics with some background notes of pear and lemon.  When you tastes this beer, you'll also get some watermelon jolly rancher flavor, which is surprising because we didn't use any artificial flavorings. Out of all of our Beatitudes, this one seems the least tart in flavor (even though the pH is 3.17). However, don't be deceived, this beer will knock your socks off. 


Liz Chism-Head Brewer

P.S. This beer will be available on tap in the Tasting Room as well as in bottles starting Monday, February 8, 2016.