Ephesus-Golden Sour

At a glance, some might think that we add fruit to all of our beers. Although we do like to add fruit to a lot of our beers, such as our Beatitude Tart Saisons, we also like to create beers where the malt, oak, and bugs get to shine. Such is the case with our latest bottle release Ephesus. In this beer, we didn't add fruit but you won't miss it.  

This is one of our more sour barrel aged beers, but still very balanced. As a brewer and drinker of beer, I prefer my beer to be balanced so I can enjoy a whole glass. I don't want to have just a taster and think to myself "that's all I can drink," or I don't want to feel like the enamel is coming off my teeth. I also like to have each characteristic to be noticeable but not over powering.  

When we first started tasting Ephesus from the barrels (about 6 months ago), we were so excited for when this beer would be ready. You could just taste the budding of something amazing.  Fast forward several months to when we were getting ready to bottle and it was everything we'd ever want a golden sour to be. Sour but balanced; stone fruit notes, but no fruit added; honey and vanilla notes from the barrel, but not sweet.  This beer brings a smile to my face. 

Ephesus was aged in the barrels for just over a year. It is very drinkable now (and I have already enjoyed a couple glasses of it); however, it will age very nicely.

Liz - Head Brewer/Owner

P.S. You can try this beer yourself today (Friday, February 12, 2016) and see if you like it. Bottles will be available in a couple of weeks (February 26, 2016).