Beatitude Boysenberry

Beatitude Boysenberry Imperial Tart Saison
Aged in Bourbon Barrels
Winter 2016 Limited Release
9.7% Alc./Vol.

Beatitude Boysenberry Imperial Tart Saison is a delicious and deceivingly easy to drink but complex beer with a tart fruity and bourbon aroma, a boysenberry jam mid-palate, and an oaky, vanilla finish. This beer was inspired through our Employee R&D program when our beertender, Candice, aged her favorite fruit, boysenberries, along with toasted American oak in the base beer of Beatitude. We only made 5 gallons of this R&D keg and it didn’t last long. The flavor combination complimented the tart Beatitude base beer perfectly and as soon as Liz tasted it, she knew she wanted to build off Candi’s idea and Imperial Beatitude Boysenberry was born.

The original beer was only about 4% ABV and we decided this beer needed to be aged in bourbon barrels and 4% is rather low for barrel aging. We amped the malt bill up on this beer to 9.7% to stand up to the extended aging in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels and pitched our house brett and lacto “magic slurry” culture. This along with the intensely tart boysenberries resulted in a beer that has much more perceived acidity than our typical Beatitude series. The deep red color from the fruit and the intense sourness makes this beer come across as much more of a sour red or Flanders style red ale than a Saison.

This beer was brewed on October 1, 2015, added boysenberries, November 2015, and racked the beer and fruit into to barrels December 2015. In March 2016, we blended in some Bourbon Barrel Aged Pirate’s Breakfast Imperial Oatmeal stout to build complexity. This beer spent 9 months in barrels prior to packaging in September 2016, then it spent another 3 months in bottles prior to being released.

We don’t currently have plans to release another Employee R&D beer in bottles at this point so for now this is the only R&D bottled beer in the works.

This beer will be available for purchase online for pre-sale via on Tuesday, Dec. 13th at 12:00pm. The bottle release party will be held on Saturday, Dec. 17th at 11:00am in our Tasting Room. The price is $22 per 750 ml bottle, maximum purchase of 6 bottles per person.