Fun with Mangos

Fun with Mangos was created in collaboration with and exclusively for a bottle shop in Placentia, CA. (Due to California ABC law, we aren't allowed to specifically mention them by name.) They approached us about making a beer for them to be released in conjunction with another well-known bourbon barrel aged imperial stout that is always released on Black Friday. It will be released at their store and our tasting room November 25, 2016. We're really excited to share this special beer with you this holiday season.

We thought it would be fun to play off the opposites of this beer while incorporating some similarities. The similarities are "imperial" (high alcohol) and bourbon barrels, and the contrasting components are golden, sour and fruit. This beer is an Imperial Golden Sour Ale aged in Bourbon Barrels with dried Alphonso mangos and clocks in at 10.2% ABV and 3.4 pH.

We fermented Fun with Mangos six Heaven Hill bourbon barrels with a blend of Saccharomyces, Brettanomyces, and Lactobacillus. After primary fermentation was complete, we stuffed by hand, 18 pounds of dried mango slices into each oak barrel. The beer then refermented on the fruit for several months and aged in the barrels for a total of 9 months. These barrels along with the mangos are living on and are currently aging our next collaboration brew with Adroit Theory Brewing Co (Purcellville, Virginia) called Liminal Spaces.

We changed up the material of the label from our normal style for this beer. We used a metallic material with gradients to really make the mango on the label shine. We think this was a fun way to really highlight this beer. 

Tasting Notes: Aromas of mango and pineapple, slight honey and vanilla from the bourbon barrels. Flavors of candied mangos and tropical fruit , light oak tannin, vanilla, honey, and a hint of bourbon. This high alcohol sour ale is very drinkable (does not feel like a 10.2% beer) . The sourness it just enough bring out all the flavors and brighten the beer. Finishes dry and begging for the next sip.