Kearny Mesa

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*America’s Finest
| Pale Ale | 5.4% ABV
Moderately bitter pale ale with a woody, citrusy aroma and a lingering, refreshing finish.

Weekend Brunch
| Hazy IPA | 6.5% ABV
Hops: Mosaic, Galaxy, Comet
An opaque appearance with a burst of juicy pineapple and orange flavors finishing dry and hoppy.

Hazeas Corpus
| Hazy IPA | 6.5% ABV
Hops: Mosaic, Amarillo, Lemon Drop
Big fruity aroma and juicy flavor, soft bitterness and mouthfeel.

*Bully Pulpit | American IPA | 7.2% ABV
Hops: Mosaic, Simcoe
Perfect blend of citrus and tropical fruit notes with a touch of dankness supported by a malt body and dry finish.

*Day Drinking IPA | Brut IPA | 6.3% ABV
Hops: Mosaic, Mandarina Bavaria
Ode to the West Coast IPA hops flavors, but with a super dry finish.

*Royal Blood
| Imperial Red IPA | 8.1% ABV
Hops: Centennial, Zythos, and Columbus
Caramel/toast malt notes support the citrus resin hop characteristics.

*Bad Advice | SDBW Triple IPA | 10.0 % ABV
Hops: Simcoe, Amarillo, Citra
This heavy weight IPA is surprisingly easy drinking, packing punches of floral & piney hops with some sweetness from the alcohol.

Draft: 12o


*East County Ale | Crushable Ale | 6.5% ABV
It’s a refreshing, easy drinking Ale brewed to appeal to the outdoor-ist in all of us. Brewed with corn for crisp malt character and Cascade hops for an approachable aroma and flavor.

*Lively Banter 
| Blonde | 5.5% ABV
It’s a sip of sunshine, light and refreshing.

Spreckels Hefeweizen | German Style Wheat Ale | 5.5% ABV
Fruity banana esters and orange citrus dominate the aroma and flavor with a slight hint of clove and a bready malt character.


*Farmer’s Gold | Belgian Saison | 5.7% ABV
Soft malt body with significant Belgian spice and fruit notes.

*Veto Power | Belgian Tripel | 9.2% ABV
Perfect marriage of spice, fruit, and alcohol flavors with a soft malt presence.


*Order in the Porter | Robust Porter | 6.4% ABV
Milk chocolate and bold roasted malt character with a crisp dry finish.

*Pirate’s Breakfast | Imperial Oatmeal Stout | 8.4% ABV
San Diego style stout with chocolate and coffee notes, and a creamy oatmeal mouthfeel.

*Coffee/Vanilla Pirate’s Breakfast | Imperial Oatmeal Stout | 8.4% ABV
San Diego style stout with chocolate and coffee notes, and a creamy oatmeal mouthfeel.


Béatitude | Tart Saison | 4.5% ABV
A mixed fermentation sour beer, which uses real fruit and is complex and refreshingly dry.

Variations Currently on Tap:
*Passion Fruit, *Mango, *Prickly Pear


*Woofle Dust Apricot | American Golden Sour Ale, Oak Foeder Aged with Apricots | 6.0% ABV
Light biscuity base with a vibrant expression of fruit tropical flavors.

*Magicdor | Rustic Foeder Aged Wild Ale | 6.6% ABV
Collaboration with Cellador Ales. We added their culture and aged hops to our culture, giving this beer lots of complexity, background stone fruit notes, and refreshing tartness.


*St. Nick’s Punch | Barrel Aged Sour Saison with Grape Must & Mulling Spices | 7.4% ABV
Malbec and Sangiovese grape must provide brilliant red wine character, while mulling spices offer a punch of orange zest, allspice, cloves, cinnamon, and just a touch of vanilla.


*Vivid Visions | Belgian Style Quad Ale Aged in Justin Winery Cabernet Sauvignon Barrels | 10.1% ABV
A rich combination of candy sugar and fruity yeast notes are tempered by oak tannins from extended barrel aging.

Staircase of Everlasting Plums
|  Golden Sour Ale, Aged in Sauvignon Blanc Barrels with Plums | 6.0% ABV
Vienne | Biere De Mars Aged in Oak Barrels with Peaches & Persimmons | 9.4% ABV
2nd Anniversary Flanders Red | Barrel Aged Flanders Style Red Ale | 5.6% ABV
Chalcedon 2016 | Imperial Sour Brown Ale with Dominican Cocoa Nibs & Vanilla Beans | 10.7% ABV
Devil’s Share Whiskey Barrel Aged Pirate’s Breakfast 2018 | Imperial Oatmeal Stout | 8.7% ABV


Day Drinking IPA (4 pack/16oz cans)
Lickable Staves (375ml)
Weekend Brunch (4 pack/16oz cans)
Bully Pulpit (4 pack/16oz cans)
Beg for Murky (4 pack/16oz cans)
East County Ale (4 pack/16oz cans)
Lively Banter (4 pack/16oz cans)
Hazeas Corpus (4 pack/16oz cans)
4th Anniversary Ale Imperial Sour Brown with Cherries
3rd Anniversary Biere De Miel
Woofle Dust

Broken Wand
Beatitude Tart Saison
Variants: Black Currant, Passion Fruit, Guava, Raspberry, Cherry, Mango, and Three Berry.

( * ) Crafted to Remove Gluten: This beer has been fermented from grain that contains gluten; final gluten content in this beer cannot be verified and therefore may contain gluten.


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