Imperial tart saison
peach & nectarine
aged on french oak

image1 (3).JPG

The Beer:

We've gone  big with our Beatitude Tart Saison in the name of Charity, brewing an imperial edition of our Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus stoked flagship sour ale for Beer to the Rescue (@BeerToTheRescue), a charity benefitting the Lupus Foundation of Southern California. French oak an sumptuous, freshly harvested organic nectarines and peaches from Masumoto Family Farms bring nuances of creamy, tangy cheese and stone fruit preserves that marry beautifully with spiciness from Belgian yeast. Enjoy this complexly delicious beer knowing it will benefit the Lupus Foundation who helps improve the quality of life for sufferers of lupus, a chronic auto-immune disease affecting one in forty five people throughout Southern California. Due to the bottle conditioning, there is yeast sedimentation left in the bottom of the bottle. To avoid disturbing the yeast, pour slowly and enjoy the beer in an appropriate tulip glass.

The Process:

We were approached by a local, well known beer enthusiast and event organizer early in the year about the potential of sourcing freshly harvested organic peaches and nectarines. We jumped at the opportunity to get source these fruits and decided to use them in this specialty beer. When the Lupus Foundation contacted us to participate in the #BeertotheRescue campaign, we knew this was a perfect match. The whole peaches and nectarines were delivered to us as they ripened in two waves and they had to be immediately diced, pureed and added to the beer.  We had the honor of having folks from the Lupus Foundation help us slice, dice and puree one of the deliveries of nectarines and had fun time getting to know everyone.