Growler Policy

Council Brewing Co will fill the following Growlers:

- Any of Council Brewing Co. branded growlers (32oz or 64oz).
- Blank Growlers with no other brewery’s identifying marks in the following sizes: 32oz, 64oz, 128oz, 1 L, 2 L.
- Swing top growlers and screw top growlers with mouths designed to receive a standard 64oz or 32oz cap. We only carry these two sizes of caps. If you have a screw top growler that does not have this size cap, then the appropriate, clean cap must be provided by the customer.
- Non-Council Growlers must be specifically designed to hold pressurized beer and must be amber/brown glass or stainless steel.
- Growlers must be cleaned by you prior to Council filling the growler. Council will sanitize the growler for you. See note below on proper cleaning and storage for growlers.
UPDATE: WE WILL NOW FILL long-neck, swing top growlers UNLESS one of our beer lines is foaming. These types of growlers are pre-disposed to excessive foaming and if one of our lines is a bit foamy, these can't be filled.
WE WILL NOT FILL “hydro-flasks” or double wall vacuum insulated growlers UNLESS they have been pre-chilled (excessive foaming occurs when not pre-chilled).
- Any Growlers that do not comply with the specifications listed above will not be filled.
- We reserve the right to not fill a growler for any reason.

Proper Growler Care:

- A freshly filled growler should be kept refrigerated (32F - 40F) and out of direct sunlight at all times. We recommend bringing a cooler to hold your freshly filled growler. Maintaining the beer at refrigeration temperatures keeps the beer fresh, reduces chances of staling and carbonation loss. Beer exposed to UV rays will be damaged almost instantly due to the hops interacting with the UV and skunking the beer.
- When your growler has been emptied of its contents, simply rinse with water several times to clean out all remaining beer. 
- Leave the cap off the growler to allow the growler to dry and prevent mold or mildew from growing.
- Council Brewing will sanitize the clean growler for you when re-filling, but we will not clean it.

 2014 Growler Policy is subject to change at the discretion of Council Brewing Company.