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Council's 1st Beer Education Night - Jeff Crane, "Wild Man"

Beer education is a big part of what Council Brewing is all about. Our in-house, Barrel Program Director, better known as “The Wild Man,” Jeff Crane, will be here at 6pm on Wednesday July 8th, 2015 providing an introduction to Sour Brewing. Topics to be discussed include a brief explanation on each of the main microorganisms utilized in brewing "sour" or mixed fermentation beers, including Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, Pediococcus and Acetobacter. Each BJCP Category 17 style will be discussed and brewing tips/methods will be recommended, finishing with a Q&A portion.

This event is open to everyone 21 years and older. If you would like to participate, all you have to do is purchase the Beer Education Flight for $12 from the beertender. The flight includes 2 Beatitude and 2 unique versions of Farmer's Gold with Brettanomyces and Farmer’s Gold Belgian Saison. Our hours on Wednesday July 8th are 2pm – 9pm, last call at 8:30pm. Come hungry, because Grillfellas BBQ will be joining us at 4pm.

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