Barrel Aged Belgian Tripel

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Bottles of Athanasian Barrel Aged Tripel are currently available for purchase via Brown Paper Tickets. Athanasian (Pron: "Ath-uh-nay-sian") Click here to purchase your tickets. 

Council Brewing will be hosting a release party on Saturday November 15, 2014 for Athanasian and it will be available for pickup on this day during regular tasting room hours and for 1 month beyond the release date until December 20, 2014. Only 400, 750ml bottles of Athanasian were released; therefore, a bottle limit of (2) bottles per person will apply in order to ensure as many people as possible have the opportunity to enjoy this beer. No proxy purchases are allowed. Must be 21 years of age or older in order to purchase bottles. Proper ID is required to pick up the bottles. Any unclaimed bottles will be surrendered back to the brewery. Please make sure to pick up your bottles as we need to make room for the next bottle release.

The Beer:

Athanasian Belgian Tripel derives much of its subtle fruity notes from the distinctive yeast strain and has layered complexity of honey, vanilla, and caramel from fermentation in Bourbon  oak barrels. Bottle conditioned with Brettanomyces, corked and capped for expected earthy, stone fruit notes with extended aging. Pour slowly and enjoy in a tulip glass.

The Process:

Athanasian Tripel, Batch #1 was brewed on June 9, 2014, barrel fermented with Belgian Saccharomyces yeast, barrel aged for 4 months, and bottle conditioned with Brettanomyces. The final product was blended with Council's house Belgian Tripel to achieve the desired level of oak, bourbon, and Tripel character. Batch #1 was bottled on October 19, 2014 in 750ml Belgian bottles, sealed with a cork and a cap, and bottle conditioned in traditional style. The cork and cap allow for high carbonation, prevents oxygen pick up in the beer and Brettanomyces scrubs remaining oxygen in the bottle. Due to the bottle conditioning, there is yeast sedimentation left in the bottom of the bottle. To avoid disturbing the yeast, pour slowly and enjoy the beer in an appropriate tulip glass.

The Name:

Athanasian Tripel is the second in a series of barrel aged beers giving reference to great councils and creeds that have occurred throughout history, teasing out the ideas that are represented in our name, Council Brewing. This beer blends the three characteristics of yeast, malt and oak into one delicious beverage similar to how the Athanasian Creed defines the Trinity as Three in One.